【海外の反応】北野武_首 カンヌ特別プロモーション「ぶっちゃけ期待してなかった」「あの映画も好きなんだ」「彼は奇妙な経歴だよな」




 ・Thanks for this, had no idea he was making a new movie. Sonatine is one of my favorite all time films.



・Incredible film.I remember picking up a box set with that, Violent Cop and Boiling Point years back. Really opened my eyes to other cinema that was out there.



・He tried to take his own life in the 90s via a motorcycle collision ever since then he's put these moments of beauty and self introspection in his movies thereafter


・His last film apparently, looking forward to it. Hopefully some distributor (IFC films? Neon?) pick it up at Cannes



・I didn’t even know who Kitano was but I found sonatine on a list deep dive. That sumo scene was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen




・Takeshi Castle. Here in Europe we know it as Takeshi Castle and it was very popular



 ・My bad I should've spoken a bit less broadly. At least here in the states his comedy career was not something that was well known and when (Sometimes if) his films did get released here the marketing and conversation surrounding his films was reserved for the arthouse realm.




・i hope this hits american theaters (limited). looks awesome



・Wow does this look epic. I fell in love with Kitano after Sonatine.



・Sonatine was awesome!



・Takeshi kitano is director ?



・알수 없는 알고리즘이 나를 여기로 이끌었다. 스케일이 아주 커보인다



・Beat Takeshi wants to do his own Ran as his swan song? Sure, why not.👏



・i think it should be a mandatory rite of passage for all directors



・I hope Joe Hisaishi does the score.



Hana-bi is one of the greatest movies ever made.



・Japan is so cool, and if this is Takeshi kitanos last movie he's making, it's looking like an incredible one to now out on





・I was a little skeptical at first because the poster looked a bit cheap, but this is looking amazing.

Kitano is one of my favourite directors and this is apparently on the scale of Seven Samurai and Kagemusha - two of my favourite movies.



Between this and the Legend and the Butterfly, there's a lot of Nobunaga movies out lately suddenly. Just came off the back of the 2020 Taiga drama covering this same incident (which was so good btw - called AWaiting Kirin)

・It was such a joy discovering Kitano's Yakuza movies.

I love describing Violent Cop as Kitano going around slapping people to cool jazz in that one.But Sonatine and Fireworks really made me appreciate his film-making a lot. The Sumo scene in Sonatine is one of my favourite scenes ever and those two movies have some great early Joe Hisaishi music. (Though Kikujiro, being more wholesome, has some of his greatest too

・I can’t understand a single Japanese Kanji but after saw Kitano and samurai drama I know I am going to love it



Re the Kubi trailer, how good is that scene showing the temple burning? All the Aketchi forces surrounding it. Cannot wait for this one.

Who is the clan with the same mon as the Oda but red btw?


Still surreal to see him in that, then as the teacher from Battle Royale.


・Holy shit. I REALLY got into Kitano's films this year. Looks like I picked the right moment to become a fan