第166話 死力VS死力!ホロウ化した一護

Let's talk about Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.




・A name that rolls right off the tongue, a brash personality, quick-tempered demeanor, cool blue hair of rockstar style, naturally-existing green eyeliner that would make anyone green with envy, and a manly midriff jacket. Cool six-pack you got there, bro; too bad your hollow hole makes it only a two-pack.



・He has a bit of a psychotic superiority complex similar to Nnoitra but at the same time he has respect for his opponents he lets Ichigo heal himself and he doesn't seem to have any sexist persona like Nnoitra.



・ I just love the design of his Resurecion and in my opinion it was the first release to look awesome and have brilliant functions and fighting capability the resureccions I saw before his were very meh and bland but his was awesome. Honestly, when it comes to his strength I feel people look at him as weak but I completely disagree. Firstly, I never understood how Grimmjow was No. 6 while Nnoitra was No.5 seeing both characters fight to me Grimmjow seemed to be a superior fighter.



・I've always found it interesting how Ichigo's main goal was to protect everything and Grimmjow's aspect was destruction. I wish they played more on that, I would have liked Grimmjow actively trying to destroy Karakura while Ichigo tries to stop him.



・Hes okay. One of the most overrated characters in Bleach, but fairly entertaining.



・I think he's overrated.

The lower level Espada had h4x abilities o compete with Captains. The higher level Espada had the raw power to compete with Captains.

Grimmjow, exists pretty much in the middle of that. He doesn't have either quality.




・I consider Grimm to be the Vegeta of Bleach

I hoped Grimmjow would be the Vegeta of Bleach, because I do see a lot of similarities, but he didn't get to have the same major presence in the story that Vegeta had in DBZ.



・I think part of his character is about him being too weak relatively speaking and having to fight his way up. I think that's why he's seen as/sees himself as an antagonist for Ichigo. They're both the underdog that has to fight to get to where they are. For good or ill.


→ I agree with you. He's pretty cool, but I think Kubo tried to make him the new Byakuya (or possibly Renji). And while I greatly prefer the Hueco Mundo arc to the Soul Society one, I don't think he succeeded in making a great rival.



・Following the defeat of Askin Nakk Le Vaar, Grimmjow's fate is once again left unknown. An exact repeat of the previous time. Poor guy can't get his happy ending.



・Anyway, I never cared much for Grimmjow. It's cool that he didn't die in the Arrancar Saga, but compared to his compatriots like Ulquiorra, Starrk or Nnoitra, he just feels really bland. Even the supposed Grimmjow 2.0 (Bazz-B) has much more depth than him.



・Yeah. Its disappointing how little he did in the final arc. Every scene he was in was awesome though.



・Love Grimmjow!! His battle with Ichigo was one of the BEST ever!!! Loved it!! I loved how Ichigo fought him in such a savage manner!!



・His backstory did seem pretty lackluster. I wished it would have featured his interactions with Aizen. I'm sure Aizen sculpted him to specifically be a rival to Ichigo, knowing how his keikaku works. :P



・yeah.. compared to the absolutely poetic backstory of Ulquiorra (the other fan-favourite espada), Grimmjow's wasn't that great!! Nnoitra's was very good too.



・I feel like he should have been given a second release form like Ulquiorra.



・He is awesome, he has the greatest fight in the whole series, he is the definition of a Bad Guy, I'm okay with him not dying, I'm not okay with him becoming one good guy, I rather he died,


 →I see what you mean though; his character made for a great villain and personal rival to Ichigo.