5分で分かる TVアニメ「進撃の巨人」Season 1


What makes Attack on Titan so successful and appealing?




・There's a lack of people pointing out the fucking amazing OSTs.



・None of the female characters are sexualized in-show. I got tired of watching anime a while back. The fan service and treatment of female characters in a lot of shows irritated me. When I started looking into AoT and discovered how well the female characters are treated by the author, I was instantly drawn to watch and find out more.…



・Ontological mystery: the world itself is a puzzle that begs us to figure it out.

Compelling characters: we admire, pity, or loathe them, but it's hard to be indifferent to their personalities and struggles.

Exciting combat: 3DMG is unspeakably cool.

Extreme sense of danger: even very experienced, proficient soldiers aren't safe; looking back, we might say "no-one major died" (though I disagree!), but at the time it certainly felt like they could have. The danger hits that sweet spot: serious enough to keep us guessing, but not so horrendous as to completely rob us of hope.





The underlying theme of striving forward in the face of seemingly unbeatable odds. The characters know, without a doubt, that the likely outcome of their actions is death and defeat. Yet, they constantly strive to be honorable and do the right thing, even if it means resorting to moral grayness at times. If they don't do it, no one will and humanity will eventually fall.

This is far different from your typical survival horror fiction…




・Anything that makes me react in a visceral manner and question my humanity in the first 2 episodes is appealing to me.

Evangelion, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Gantz, Elfen Lied, Detroit Metal City, Beyblades to name a few.



・I wanted to offer an interesting perspective I read on Wikipedia: apparently this comic is very popular in Hong Kong because the Titans are seen as a metaphor for the government of mainland China--a seemingly insurmountable foe that keeps them shamefully corralled. Kind of a loose metaphor but it's interesting nonetheless.



・Western setting / Cool action scenes / Good OST / Remarkable openings (and ending) / "Everyone can die!" / No ecchi fanservice / Likeable characters / Popular themes such as zombies, humanity struggling to survive,... / Mysteries and foreshadowing / 15 meters giant naked humanoides punching each other / Equality between genders / etc.. Its success is understandable, but that doesn't make it the best anime ever.



・For me, it was episode 5. Keep in mind, up until this point, I had only seen the 'mainstream' shonen anime (Naruto, Bleach, etc.) The fact that so many characters died, anime spoilers made me realize this was a shonen that was just more mature, and willing to not always let the heroes win. I flipped the fuck out when that happened and texted my friend at 1 am about that episode!



・I agree with all the comments but the main thing for me is the tone of the show. I had not seen much anime before snk, but I had never seen one so dark and gruesome. You can almost feel the terror that the characters are going through.



・I love the setting and atmosphere of the show. I just saw one screenshot from the anime and I was like: " I need to watch this right now"
P.S. I had no idea that AoT was so popular until I had finished watching the anime. ;)



・Also, parallels can be drawn to pop cultures adoration for zombies and zombie apocalypses, something with inherently a terrifying premise.



・*The Soundtrack is amazing.*The plot is full of cliffhangers.*There is a certain (but dwindling) vulnerability about every single character.*There are deep friendships, unmaterialized love, and serious heartbreaks which are all very developed.
*Humanity is on the brink of extinction, with an uncertain glimmer of light coming from the other end of the tunnel.
*No one is god-mode (not even Levi/Mikasa).
*The protagonist isn't your stereotypical cool headed winner. He's a hotheaded, passionate kid with no talents whatsoever.
*And to top it off, humanity isn't just fighting the outsiders, but also themselves in a deeply ideological war.
*The guys aren't all super macho.
*The girls are hot, but not sexual.
*The Titans are giant, naked, man-eating vegetables, but have no genitals.




・New monsters! If someone gave you the task of creating a new type of monster, could you come up with something with enough potential for storytelling as zombies, ghosts, aliens, etc? The titans Isayama created are so perfect with their appearance and demeanor. I think that's the single biggest element for me. The enemy is truly terrifying.



・The sense of hopelessness and loss, I suppose. This is no typical shonen manga where good guys rarely die, heroes are invincible and battles are won against all odds with minimum casualties.

Here the villains win more often than not and every rare victory for the protagonists costs them dearly so that they can't even celebrate.

There's also the sense of mystery and adventure at all the secrets of the titans and the Walls and the tantalizing revelations that come out at the end of each arc.





・In AOT's case, many of the characters aren't always gung-ho about titan killing, with instances of vomit, suicide, and hopelessness. But with those come moments of epiphanies, speeches, and triumphs that show all may not be lost. Which is what many of us crave in real life, I feel.



こうしてみると、素晴らしい音楽、人間味溢れるキャラクター、 衝撃的なストーリー、飽きないミステリー、感情を揺さぶる根底的テーマを理由に挙げる人が多いようですね。女性の描かれ方というのはちょっとした盲点でした。




  • 発売日: 2017/07/26
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