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Is Attack on Titan worth watching?


I normally don't watch a lot of anime (I've only seen the good half of Death Note and My Hero Academia), but this show piqued my interest because it seems to be a generally serious show with very highly rated episodes. I have watched the pilot episode, and it seems quite interesting, and damn the ending of the episode was horrifying. However, I heard that the recent final season completely shat the bed in terms of the ending, would you say that ruined the show for you?



Is Attack on Titan worth watching? : television



・The fact you don't watch Anime probably is a good thing in relation to AoT. It's not like most Anime.It's one of the greatest shows of all time. 



・Season 1 of AoT ( especially the first 4 chapters ) are the worst part. It gets better and better until it hits a string of 9.8, 9.9 and 10/10 episodes on imdb. You might think it's an exaggeration to rate something so high. But no. It's THAT good.

The ending of the manga is a bit meh but the journey up to that is stellar.



・The manga ending is okay but it hasn't even been animated. Definitely not as bad as Thrones season 7 or 8, the final arc as a whole has some really incredible moments and the next few episodes of the season coming this winter will be the peak of the series. Definitely worth the watch.



・It’s one of the best shows ever made, coming from someone who doesn’t watch tons of anime as I find a lot of it cliched and full of generic bad writing.

This feels like an HBO epic ala game of thrones or something, it’s incredible



・I would say Attack on Titan even if the the finale is disappointing is definitely a must watch. If anything watch for Commander Erwin, definitely one of the best military commanders/leaders ever written in any media.






・I have started this series 3 times. It travels at a snails pace, like a literal crawl.

I couldnt stand it. There is one cool action set price every 5 episodes or so that lasts 3 minutes. Everything else is constant insufferable inner monologing.



・The action and violence are great, but it's still filled with typical anime tropes. I watched through season 3, and honestly didn't get the hype behind season 3. It was... just okay. Maybe it was over hyped (people love saying the 2nd half of S3 is some of the best writing ever), but I really wasn't impressed.



・Is one of the top rated anime ever worth watching? The one that is basically universally praised everywhere online?



・Yeah it’s pretty good if you stick with it. It’s a tv show and you’re asking for fourth season spoilers



・Isn't it insanely gory?



Watch it. The actual final season will come out in around January.



・You should finish Death Note, the ending is great.



・Honestly. It's really poorly written. The way the characters interact with each other, just everything about is... stiff. Very well animated though I thought but I'm not hugely into anime so not sure where it fits on the rating scale for that.



・For sure worth the watch. It's amazing even if you usually ain't a big fan of anime like me.



・It's really good. The scope of the story continually shifts, which is the most impressive part. The ending isn't that bad, it was just poorly executed, in large part because the author set himself a Herculean task in resolving the themes he chose to cover. If you're able to enjoy GOT after that ending, then I'd say you'll have the wherewithal to watch and love the show. Get onto it before S4PT2 comes out and enjoy the weekly viewing experience.



・It sure is! Watch from the beginning because it builds up to some great surprises!



・Where can this be watched these days? I started on Netflix a while back but it's gone now I think.



・It's a well animated show that's complete fucking nonsense. Not like intentionally like mind fuck shows, it's just story pacing is bad and has a lot of hidden information which the pacing of its distribution makes less interesting



・The ending wasn't great but it wasn't retroactively ruin the entire show/manga bad, just kinda oh I saw this coming and hoped for better but its ok.It is no season 8 of game of thrones thats for damn sure



・Manga ending wasn’t bad. People just got butthurt cause their fanfic theories didn’t happen . It is a tough pill to swallow but it is what it is.



・AOT is great, though fair warning, after the initial few episodes the first season can feel very slow. It picks up/starts making a bit more sense at the end of that first season. Everything does get explained/paid off eventually (more or less) but it can take its time getting there.Also the show isn't over yet. The 2nd part of season 4 (the final season) is still yet to air in Japan. I also wouldn't be surprised if there are eventually some OVAs to tie up loose ends.



・I usually don't compare shonen anime to other shows because it's just too different, but AoT is definitely one of the best shows I've seen in the last ten years.



・Like a lot of Manga/Anime, it's not very good post time skip.



・I have tried getting into it a few times and just can't. I read and watch a lot of manga and anime, but to me it is highly overrated.



・If its not worth watching Attack on Titan then nothing is.



・Up to the point it's at now it's peak Television in my opinion



・Yes, it's 100% worth watching. Everything until the ending ranges from good to amazing, and the ending isn't even flat-out bad. It's more...divisive. I'm one of the few who actually liked it, but even I recognize that it is flawed and problematic at one point. Still, AoT remains probably in my top five favorite anime/manga of all-time. (Not that I watch a lot of them.)

Since you also liked Death Note and My Hero Academia, I suggest that you check out Steins;Gate and Jujutsu Kaisen. IMO one of the most entertaining pieces of media out there.



・it's a great show with a great ending.



・It's a Masterpiece, one of the best series ever



・Yes absolutely, it’s definitely worth watching. And I’m glad to have own the complete series. AOT holds a special place in my heart. Also I know some folks have their opinions about the ending in the manga and so on. Some liked it, some didn’t. I thought the ending was fine, it wasn’t the best but by all means it wasn’t the worst either.



・Yup. Go and watch it, why wasting time here?



・I gave up on it after two seasons. It was just so loaded with filler, nothing was happening, and it just kept creating more and more questions without answering any of them.



・As someone who's only seen DBZ and Attack on Titan (i liked it so much i read the manga). I wouldn't watch the last season. I wish i didn't.



・Nope. It's massively drawn out, poorly paced and past season 3 the animation is shit, nothing interesting ever happens 



It is absolutely worth your time, even if you don't watch anime. It has some of the best earned character development I've seen in a long time, and its mysteries generally make sense (unlike a lot of shows that take several seasons to answer complex questions).



・As someone who is usually annoyed at the anime thing of 'characters talking to themselves' Attack on Titan does it wayyy less than most anime. That was honestly my biggest gripe with Demon Slayer. Attack on Titan has a lot more dialogue scenes than narration in my opinion, especially as the series flashes out other characters besides Eren.



・Lots of typical anime shit, if you don't like characters talking to themselves for minutes on end or 'tell, don't show' i would stay away.



・I second this. There are some genuinely amazing moments in S3 and S4 but everything around them is just mediocre. Anime is primarily a visual medium and really doesn't work that well when there's too much exposition.