【海外の反応】進撃の巨人 The Final Season完結編 後編PV第2弾「映画でやってくれ」「こんなコメント欄みたことない」「私にとってどれほどの意味を持つのか」「本当の意味で人生の平和を与えてくれた」


2023年9月12日ポニーキャニオンの公式YouTubeアカウントより”TVアニメ進撃の巨人」 The Final Season完結編(後編)PV第2弾”がアップされました。アニメは原作単行本135話から最終話139話までと予想されます。エレンが「地鳴らし」を発動させ、巨人たちが全世界に進撃を開始。ミカサやアルミンたちがエレンに追いつき、世界の滅亡を止めるため最後の戦いに挑みます。完結編後編は2023年11月4日24時、NHK総合から放映されます。



・I'm glad that the voice actor for Eren was able to take a break for the last season, no screaming, just calm, peace, and genocide in the works. Thank you Isayama for making this masterpiece.



・We've all been waiting so long for this, and yet I'm not ready for it to be over. It's been a journey, y'all. So glad to be a part of this fanbase. This looks so good! Thank you Isayama, Wit, and Mappa!!!



・This has been a lifetime anime, it will remain in our hearts, for 100 years atleast.



・I grew up with this show. I took a hiatus at season 3, but came back when the final season first aired, and I’m so glad I did. It’s been an amazing journey, easily one of the greatest shows of all time.



・This NEEDS to be shown in theaters it would be the ultimate AOT experience.



i am so not ready for this show to be over 😭 it's been 10 YEARS and now it's finally coming to an end



・This was such a ride along the years but I guess all good things must come to an end someday.... It was an honour to watch this masterpiece!



It's really my favorite anime. I don't want it to end 😭



・A big thank you to all the people who worked on every season of AOT to bring this masterpiece to us.



・We are reaching the end and im not ready to say goodbye to this masterpiece



・I will rewatch for sure this show over and over again in my life <3



・Here it is guys, The SERIES going to an end. It has been more than 10 years since season 1 aired so lets enjoy it until the end.



I had goosebumps watching this… I was about 12 when attack on titan came out and now i’m 21.. this is such a masterpiece anime I will miss it. Thank you Hajime Isayama for creating Shingeki no kyojin 🫶🏼 it’ll be in my heart forever



Es uno de los primeros animes que vi, no puedo creer que ya se vaya a acabar, gracias isayama por esta obra de arte 😸



Обожаю это аниме, наконец-то будет Финал. Очень жду выхода финальных серий. Отдадим свои сердца! ❤



這部動漫將留在我心中一輩子 太震撼了,我等了好久。



AOT ❤️ is just an emotion for me I already read it's manga and literally it gives me the true meaning of peace in life.🙏



 ・Hands down this is gonna be one of the best anime/manga (apart from big 3) ever existed. This has been an amazing journey. Shinzou Wo Sasageyo!!

 これはこれまでに存在した中で(ビッグ3とは別に)容易に最高のアニメ/漫画になるだろう。これは素晴らしい旅だった。心臓をささげよ!※ビッグ3:三大少年漫画 BLEACH・ナルト・ワンピース


I have never seen a more positive comment section! And ofcourse, huge thanks to isayama and the production team! This anime will have a special place in my heart forever!❤



・Bro, i dont really want aot to end. Yeah, i know that every nice being has a end but aot is so special. A total masterpiece, and i dont want it to end fr..



・Words cannot describe how much this story means to me. Thank you Isayama & to everyone involved in bringing this story to life. Thank you.



・The only anime/tv show that I ever wish to be on theater for the last episode, that's how much I want to show appreciation to Isayama also because how epic is it to see at big screen



・This anime will stay in my heart for 2000 years



・It's crazy how far this has come from eren being a kid who wanted to avenge his mom to him fighting the whole world and sacrificing himself in the end to protect his friends is iconic



・The anime that blew its chance to have the best conclusion for its story. Hopefully it'll have an AoE.



I’m gonna be honest this is the first Anime I’ve watched and I got hoooooked and binged it just amazing. Can’t believe it’s almost over 😩



・Please dont end like the manga did, please dont end like the manga did, please dont end like the manga did, please dont end like the manga did...



・This series shows well how a person who spent his whole life in misery lived a life worth more than all of us. and most importantly, it shows the real concept of freedom.



・Levi never disappoints



・Ladies and gentleman... a masterpiece of an Anime is finally coming to an end after more than 10 years. What a time it was...



・This anime has been around for 10 years... that's a pretty long time for an anime like AOT, We gotta appreciate Hajime Isayama for this masterpiece of a series come to life and yet this series will always be remembered.



・No puedo creer que ya sea la última temporada de este magnífico anime .



Surely this show will have a good, respected ending! 😃



・I couldn’t wait and read the manga. This IS the best..anime..ever….



・Este fue el anime definitvo que me hizo amar toda la industria japonesa



The words is so deep i didn't understand but i can feel Goosebumps



I've watched a lot of animes in my life but, AoT is undoubtedly the best anime i ever watched and this final episode will be a both awesome and sad that it'll be ending soon. Love❤



・Crazy that it is all coming to an end now. I can't even begin to describe the emotion and influence this show has had on me. It will forever be my favorite show and I'm excited for the final part.



・Finally, the end, it was a long journey and it will remain in my heart forever <3



・when it comes to this masterpiece i never saw even one critic , we are all united



・Don't be sad that it's over, smile because it happened.



・AOT One of the greatest anime I ever seen in my life coming to the end now.