【海外の反応】進撃の巨人ロス 「呆然としている。ファンダムが無くなるのも怖い」「ファンダムは死なない」「俺がいるから常に1人はファンがいる」「キーボードに届く限り進撃の二次創作を作る」「エルヴィンの演説は絶対忘れない」

エンスカイ TVアニメ「進撃の巨人」 2024年壁掛けカレンダー CL-046

I feel depressed and numb now that Attack on Titan ended for good. Also I'm scared that now that the story ended, the fandom is going to die slowly...


Reddit:I’m scared that now that the story ended, the fandom is going to die slowly…

2023年11月4日、ついにアニメ『進撃の巨人』最終話「The Final Season完結編(後編)」が放映され、アニメシリーズが完結しました。2013年から10年間も放映され、世界中にファンが多く存在するシリーズでしたが、海外ファンも進撃ロスになり、熱狂の終息を恐れているようです。ファンのコミュニティの消滅を懸念する投稿主ですが、周囲の人々はどのように反応したのでしょうか。



・I know nothing about AOT but I assure the fandom isnt gonna die just because the show,manga,or game series has ended or put hiatus.I am currently fandom hasn't gotten an official game installment in 6 year and guess what?The fandom is still kicking,they are still making fanart,fanfiction,and talking about the characters.I am sure there are plenty of other fandoms that haven't had content in years and they are still around.



・I've read the manga so I can't say I feel the same because for me the AoT canon ended a couple of years ago, but the fandom isn't going to die. AoT is a huge fandom, though compared to its popularity it doesn't have that many fanfictions, and while it will probably die out at one point (Isayama has, as far as I know, said there would be no more content for AoT), it'll be years before that happens.

Huge AoT spoilersLevi is my second favorite character after Erwin, so I felt a lot of pain but a different one. I'm just glad he survived and managed to accomplish his last mission of killing Zeke, what's saddening me the most is that now he has to live, fully live for himself, without any of his closest friends.





・One of my fandoms survived 10 years without any new content despite being much smaller than AOT. I think you have a good couple of years left with it :)



・The fandom might shrink but rarely do they die. It's okay to feel upset and see the end of an era. I've mourned the end of canon for many books and shows. Sometimes I stop writing or participating for a bit. But that's okay. The story is still there when you're ready to get back it 🫶



・I understand completely. I've never felt this way about any show or anime, either, and Levi is my all-time favorite character. So long as I can reach a keyboard, I'll keep writing AOT fics. The characters are too compelling. (And hot)



・I don't think it will die for a while. I mean the manga for AOT has been over for a long while. There is always a chance for spin off series and such in the future. Levi is awesome though, I agree with you on that, though I don't read AOT fiction or really much of any.



・I know nothing about AOT but like, I am very frequently in fandoms that are for things that have already ended bc I get into things late and like… honestly, they’re way better? Like, the people who actually care a whole lot will stay, and those that are just there to cause drama tend to move on. I know I’ve been harassed way less since my main special interest ended it’s great, and I have the friends I’m close to and shit. Even if it ends up just being me and them that’s better than it being big and getting sent death threats lmao



・Stories come and go. People won't talk about it anymore, doesn't mean they've forgotten. Personally I'll never forget Erwin's 'My Soldiers' speech.



・The AOT manga ended years ago. The fandom is still alive and well. I wouldn’t be worried about that as much. I’m in 20+ year old fandoms that are still active (though tiny). Community exchange helps me after a canon ends.



・As a Harry Potter fan back in the day, I can tell you that there are worse things than the story being over…



・Maybe you could start or help at a yearly fest to celebrate some part of it, do recs or? I haven't interacted with HP canon since the last movies came out in 2011, but the fandom is still so active and lovely and I especially enjoy how community building types have kept the fandom so enjoyable and alive. The whole fandom is much bigger than SNK, but I bet there are lots of people who are not going to let go of SNK for years to come too :)



・A slowing down of the fandom is inevitable, but I doubt it will completely go away. I've been through this kind of fandom decline before, and I know its not fun. Especially when you know there will be no more new material to be eager for. The only piece of advice I can give you is, take a deep breath, and look for something else to fill that void. There's always something new, and maybe you'll find something you come to enjoy as much or even better.



・The AoT fandom is huge, I doubt it will die off even in the next decade or so. I haven't watched the latest seasons (and not really planning on it) but if you feel like Levi got shafted, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of fix-it fics pop up over the years to rectify that, or for him to get a happy (happier?) ending



・Eh. Not necessarily. The BBC Merlin show ended years ago, but the fandom is still going strong because of the main ship.



・It won’t die, something even worse will happen: they’ll become BatmanArkham levels of insane



・Be careful what you wish for. You might end up with a Boruto-like sequel.

Sorry I know, Halloween ended 6 days ago. Anyways, Hitman Reborn ended years ago and that fanfic community is still going fine.



・My gut says no, it won’t end. I’m in two fandoms whose shows ended 10+ years ago, and they’re still going pretty strong!



・I mean I thought Dawson's Creek was a dead fandom and then a new generation discovered the show and started churning out fic.



・Zootopia fans have been on life support since 2016, your fandom ain't dying mate



・Well, I'm just going to keep making fanfics. I'm making a fan anime for my fan manga, 138.5



・Oh I know how you feel, I went through this when I read the manga ending 2 years ago. I think the fandom will slow down as some people move on, but there will be dedicated fans that will be in the fandom for years to come. AoT was huge and is such a masterpiece, I don't think it will ever die.、pmpwpなたの気持ちがわかるよ。2年前、漫画の結末を読んだときにこれを経験した。ファンダムは一部の人が移っていくにつれて減速していくだろうと考えた。でも今後何年にもわたってファンダムにとどまる熱心なファンがいるだろう。進撃の巨人は巨大だったし、素晴らしい傑作だ。ファンダムが死ぬことはないと思うよ。


・People still write fanfic about the ancient Greek gods. It'll be okay.And if there's one thing to know about anime, is that it never goes away. It gets rebooted or has side stories or AU continuity. Just look at Osomatsu-san. The original Osomatsu-kun started in 1962. They're still making new stuff for it today.



・AOT fandom survived the post-2013 development hell. I think we’ll be fine lol

 進撃の巨人のファンダムは2013年以降、開発地獄※を生き残った。俺たち大丈夫だと思うよw ※制作のゴーサインが出ず企画開発を延々と続ける期間


X-files fandom is still going strong until now.

If you want your fandom to live on, you have to put in the work into the community; continue writing fanfic, watch (or create) fanvids, retweet/reblog (or make) gifs, etc etc



・Attack on Titan's ending disappointed a lot of people so I'm sure there will be tons of fix fic for it. I for one am happy I didn't waste my time on that anime/manga.



・I didn’t feel exactly disappointed by the ending… just overwhelmed and heartbroken? In some way.. it was like a slap for some reason. Not everything about it but a part of it… I would give it a chance if I were you to be honest. I love aot.. it’s a unique ride and experience..



・I just feel bad for the fanbase because Isayama couldn't stick the landing.



・for me the fandom died when the jeanmarco ship died



・Don't worry, the fandom won't die any time soon. I mean, Evangelion ended in 1996, and people are still writing fics about it.



・I continually write a story that's a crossover with a Fandom whose entire series aired five years ago and yet I still keep the torch for it alive. It'll be fine.



・Fandoms don't die when the original ends. If the original is well written then the fandom might shrink as people feel content with it, but it won't die.

One of the biggest fandoms right now is Harry Potter. It's very much alive and thriving, even though it ended so long ago



・Considering how popular it is, it would take a long af time for it to die out and even then people will always come back and breathe new life into it. Familiar of Zero which ended back then prematurely in 2012 because the author died is still kicking a bit and still has some new fresh fanfics being updated despite being a pretty small fandom compared to AOT that has absolutely no content since the last episode of the anime which gave an incomplete ending



・I was a pretty big fan of AOT for the first few seasons but I lost interest along the way. I’ll probably try to pick it up again. I did spoil it for myself by reading about the ending. I know there was this huge debate about whether the ending was awful or not. Anyway, i thought I read that there was this major fix-it fan project?

About your fear of the fandom dying, I’ve been in several fandoms smaller than AOT. They all outlived my interest in them and are still alive and kicking 😂 I don’t think you have to worry. If you can make fan content, do it. If you only consume it, do it, and let the creators know how much you enjoy their works.



・My favorite anime ran in 1986. It was only one season. It was only ever released in SE Asia and 5 European countries.

But the fandom still exists to this day. Merchandise is still being produced, new fans are still joining. Despite the anime never making it in the West, it's been active for 37 years and isn't looking like it's dying any time soon.

If a small obscure unknown fandom like that can survive for that long, then AoT is not gonna just die and disappear like that. As long as there's fans, there's gonna be fan content. And as long as there's content, the fandom is alive.



・I’m such an old fandom guy at this point. I just wanna say, people like you are gonna keep the fandom going. Your passion and involvement will help inspire other AOT fans to stay involved too! Just the fact you care is gonna help a ton.

I have had a lot of fandoms over my life. I think it’s really nice how I haven’t been super into Sailor Moon for about 20 years, but I can still go find new stuff whenever the urge comes back. Nothing goes away totally.

And it may be hard to believe now, but someday there will be room beside AOT for more fandoms. Your heart gets bigger. They’ll keep you busy too, even if the AOT fandom lulls another six years down the road.



・So long as the show (and manga) is available to viewers, then there will always be a trickle of new people arriving in the fandom. Meanwhile, fans like yourself will also keep it alive.

Will the fandom shrink over time? Yeah. That usually happens when new original content stops being created. But, given AOT's popularity, the fandom will live on for many years, decades likely.

One of my crossover fandoms, a series of books from the 1970s, still has a fanbase and people make art and write fics for it. Not thousands of works, like, Star Wars or AOT, but stuff still gets made.



・I’m not sure. In my opinion AoT got mainstream enough to have a large contingent of the fandom be casual fans. I get the feeling that these people will move on. The fandom might shrink but there’s no telling if it will go away or not.

I’m still writing my alternate ending fic. I might just move on from the fandom when I’m done. I didn’t enjoy the ending at all, in fact parts of it I hated, so I’m not really interested in any new material at all.



・Sending you a hug! AOT is a precious series to my heart so I feel all the same sentiments rn. But the comfort I’ve felt (answering the fears of the fandom dying out) comes from the way I see my and others’ passion for series like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Fruits Basket still strong YEEEAAARSS later. It might not be as strong as it was during the active airing, but you at least know that the fans who stick around are the ones who were/are just as passionate about it as you. I plan on being in this fandom as long as I can. It’s too big of a series in my heart to ever leave! Shinzou wo sasageyo!!!



・It may not be as big as it is now, but i can assure you the fandom will always have people who like it as much as you do. I will always be in the AOT fandom so guaranteed, there will always be at least one other person in the fandom! Lol.

But seriously there are so many fandoms that had shows that ended and people don’t stop enjoying the show/movie! Twilight for example still has a fairly active fandom and i dont think many people expected it to last this long. Same with harry potter and hunger games. The fandoms changed over the years but they’re definitely still around and doing okay