【海外の反応】鬼滅の刃は過大評価⁉︎「ufotable のお陰かな」「モノローグが多すぎ」


Unpopular Opinion: Kimestu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) is overrated




エンスカイ 鬼滅の刃 2021年 カレンダー壁掛け B3サイズ

 Many people only praise this anime for two things - the animation and Nezuko. The plot and writing is so generic and overused. Even I've seen it before. I've seen it with Tokyo Ghoul, Kabenari of the Iron Fortress and Attack on Titan. Most of the other characters is meh to forgettable. The villain is the same type of villain I've seen before, only if Michael Jackson was an anime villain. Either way, this anime is seriously overrated. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the animation. Even the background and the little things such as the snow and the fire, it looks like Studio Ghibli animated this series. And even I will admit it, Nezuko is super adorable! 




・I think you went into it expecting too much. It follows a tried and true formula but what stands out is the animation. 



・ I 100% believe that ufotable is what made it great. The stuido really worked so hard to make a meh manga into a very good adaptation. If it was adapted by any other studio then i don't think it would've been this over hyped.Ufotable is just that good. I barely heard of the manga before the anime came into place

私はufotableがこれを素晴らしくしたと100%信じてる。このスタジオは本当によく働いて大したことない漫画をとてもよく改作した。ほかのスタジオによるアニメ化だったらこんなに誇大宣伝だったとは思わない。ufotable はそれだけいいんだ。アニメが登場する前にかろうじて漫画の話を聞いたよ。



・I agree...the anime get easy pass just because the worshipper is bunch of casuals that only care about 'safe' plot of typical shonen anime with bunch of non stop fight with bit fans service of adorable nezuko




・It really is. It's just another typical generic shounen that brings nothing new to the table. All it has going for it is flashy fights and animation. The story is very bland and cliche, and the characters are all pretty bad.



・And the fights themselves, despite being flashy, aren't very well written.They all more or less happen in a similar fashion, and are also pretty short.




・I do agree that kimetsu no yaiba is overrated because as I, a long lived manga enthusiast (I'm young though), it's nothing new (I'm talking about style here and not graphical style, people who love literature will understand)



・ My take is original does not mean good, and that unoriginal does not mean bad. KnY takes the standard and familiar shounen plot, cut all the filler they are known for and streamlined the whole process (training being less than an episode instead of multiple). So, now we have a shounen with all the merits of the genre, while removing the worst part.



・Animation is well done, but it is overrated. I feel like I had high expectations due to the myanimelist rating?



・Yeah, i caught up on the manga and I gotta say Ufotable really ups this series significantly. The linearity and other flaws of the story really come out in the manga. Its still dope, but I won’t see myself giving this anime any higher than like an A- on a scale of like F-S

そうだね、私は漫画に追いついたよ、そして私はufotable がこのシリーズを本当にかなりアップさせたと言わざるを得ない。ストーリーの直線性とその他の欠陥は実際に漫画に出てくるよ。それでもまだ最高だけど、でもFからSの段階ではA以上の評価を与えることは考えられないな。


・I agree. Just about every artist I follow on Instagram has at least one Demon Slayer fan art post, if not then ten. It's not bad, though (demon slayer definitely made it into my top 10), and there's nothing wrong with posting demon slayer fan art, I'd love to too, but they literally worship the anime and its characters. Everywhere I go, virtually and physically, there's Demon Slayer. 



・It has the best of shonen; an actually likeable main character who doesn't go gay for terrorists or gets super overpowered, almost no fanservice, and tropey(yet enjoyable characters). Fights are tactical AND flashy, and sure, it's a pretty stereotypical premise, and forgiveness is a bit annoying at times, but it has the best of all worlds, and that's something it shines in.

Of course, it is still slightly overrated. I won't doubt you on that.